We provide electrical panel assembly services aimed at ensuring the efficiency, safety, and reliability of our clients' electrical systems. Our experienced and qualified electrical specialists will assemble and install the electrical panel according to your needs.

We consult with you to create an electrical panel that meets your unique requirements and specifications. We assess the type of electrical system, load, safety requirements, and other factors to develop an optimal solution. We use automation components from globally renowned manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens, Eaton, Schneider, Weidmuller, Phoenix Contact, Wago, Hager, and Finder, ensuring compliance with international standards and ensuring the longevity and reliability of the electrical panels.

We stay updated with the latest technologies and standards to offer innovative solutions that meet future requirements. We integrate advanced technology and control systems to ensure that your electrical system is ready for future challenges.

Our qualified specialists will quickly and efficiently assemble the electrical panel in your company or production premises. With our own parts warehouse, we have standard components readily available, allowing us to expedite the completion of work. We adhere to all safety and operational regulations, ensuring smooth installation.

We ensure that your electrical panel is easily integrated with other automation or control systems in your company. We maintain compatibility with smart technologies and other devices to ensure the overall efficiency of the system.

We provide electrical system audits to identify potential issues and improvement opportunities. We offer ongoing maintenance and technical support services to ensure optimal performance of your electrical system.

We are always ready to accommodate your needs. Our goal is to ensure that your electrical system is durable, safe, and operates efficiently throughout its lifecycle.

Installation of control panels

We use automation components from globally renowned manufacturers such as: