We prepare projects using one of the world's most popular electrical circuit design programs, EPLAN Electric P8, which provides an opportunity to prepare the project in a high-quality manner, in compliance with the highest standards. We will take care of your project from concept to final result.


Automation systems design


Automation of technological processes

Industrial automation or factory-workshop automation includes the use of computers, information technology, robotics and data-driven, intelligent control systems to automate production processes. Automation of industrial processes allows companies to standardize production operations, reduce production costs, optimize their efficiency and use resources efficiently. Industrial automation, also known as smart manufacturing, which minimizes human interference and ensures consistent, error-free results.

Our range of services includes the entire cycle of technological process automation - from design and engineering to installation, configuration and commissioning. We develop the software, connect it to your existing systems, install sensors, control panels and other necessary components and ensure accurate and efficient process control.


Installation of control panels

We provide electrical panel assembly services to ensure the efficiency, safety and reliability of our customers' electrical systems. Our experienced and qualified electricians will assemble and install the electrical panel according to your needs.

The components we use to assemble automation control panels are from world-renowned manufacturers and meet the highest standards. We take into account the individual wishes of the client and offer our proven solutions. We have our own parts warehouse, so we have standard components on hand, which allows us to get the job done faster.



We advise our customers starting from the concept, to project design, hardware integration, software preparation, and ending with on-site commissioning and after-sales system support.

We offer a variety of industrial automation services to assist our customers. This allows our clients to do what they do best and focus their time and energy on their company's core competencies. So, let our automation engineers design, program and run an automation system that uses industrial robots, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), motion controllers and user interfaces (SCADA and HMI) to suit your company's needs.


Programming of PLC controllers and HMI control panels

According to the technical task and taking into account the customer's wishes, we program the automatic equipment management system and the user interface - the control panel, which can be used to monitor ongoing processes, control them and identify faults.

PLC controllers (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) control panels are an important part of industrial automation. They are used to control various industrial processes, from production lines to complex machines.

HMI control panels provide an interface between man and machine. They allow the operator to view, control and monitor industrial processes. This can be a touch screen or a keyboard that allows the operator to change parameters, monitor status and receive alerts for any problems.


SCADA visualization programming

To simplify the management of larger projects and to facilitate the operator's work, we always offer our customers to transfer the system control and display to a computer with SCADA software.

A SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system is a computerized control system designed to monitor, manage and control industrial processes or the operation of infrastructure systems. It is widely used in industry, energy, transportation and other areas that require centralized control. Such a system has a user-friendly user interface that allows operators to control and monitor processes. It can be a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays real-time data, visualizations, alarms and other information needed to control the process.