Industrial automation, or the automation of factory processes, involves the use of computers, information technology, robotics, and smart control systems to automate production processes.

In the past, processes consisted of various manual tasks performed by humans. This meant that a lot of time was spent on routine work, performing individual tasks, and it was difficult to avoid errors due to the human factor. Today, process automation, also known as smart manufacturing, not only enables increased operational efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors but also allows people to dedicate time to creative thinking and strategic business development. Automated processes can be implemented much faster, allowing businesses to adapt more quickly to changing market demands and offer new products or services to customers faster than competitors.

Our team consists of experienced engineers, programmers, and specialists who are capable of implementing various industrial automation tasks. We also provide training for your employees so that they are prepared to work effectively with newly automated processes and updated equipment.

Programming of PLC controllers and HMI control panels

Recognizing that each company, factory, or other optimization-requiring process has unique needs and challenges, our proposed solutions are tailored to the specific situation.

We develop software, integrate it with your existing systems, install sensors, control panels, and other necessary components, and ensure precise and effective process control.

Our range of services covers the entire automation cycle of the technological process - from design and engineering to installation, configuration, and commissioning.

Drawing on the latest technologies, we aim not only to automate existing processes but also to adapt systems to new challenges and optimize operations.